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Add Some Hardscape to Your Outdoor Space this Summer

August 1, 2023

Hardscaping and pool scaping is the art of transforming your outdoor area into a much more livable and enjoyable habitat. It’s the way homeowners can change a negligible backyard into “the place to be” for weekend parties and everyday relaxation. Long Island Poolscapes has several ways to accomplish this, including pools capes, outdoor kitchens, and even new driveways.

Check out this brief preview to learn more about hardscaping and poolscaping, and why they’re a terrific way to embellish your outdoor living area.

What are Hardscaping and Poolscaping?

Hardscaping refers to any non-living elements of your property’s landscaping. So, in addition to all of your trees, shrubs, and flowers, this is where you sculpt a perfect exterior ambiance with manmade items. These can help bolster the aesthetics or improve functionality outside. 

Besides general “hardscaping,” LI Poolscapes also specializes in “poolscaping,” where we focus specifically on enhancements for backyard swimming pools. There are many ways you can make an otherwise ordinary built-in swimming pool much more luxurious by surrounding it with beautiful vegetation, aggregate rocks, creative soil grading, and more.

Reasons to Pursue Hardscaping for Your Long Island Home

  1. Best Way to Improve Outdoor Living - Perhaps your backyard pool could use a new concrete pathway, better light fixtures, or perimeter seating. Poolscaping involves improving the overall functionality of your entire pool environment.
  2. Massive Increase in Curb Appeal - Beautification is a major priority for several Long Island homeowners. You can see just how much of a difference all of this makes by checking out our Extreme Backyard Makeover photo gallery. 
  3. Hide Unwanted Elements - Every swimming pool has essential equipment and mechanisms (pumps, wires, etc.) that allow it to operate safely. However, you may wish to conceal these, so that they don’t detract from the rest of the aesthetic. Our team of design experts can help you do this for your existing pool. 
  4. Boost Home Value - It’s no longer a secret these days: outdoor enhancements contribute to greater home value. This means that hardscaping and poolscaping can be a serious investment, which will pay dividends if you ever sell your house.

So, we hope this shines more light on the advantages of hardscaping.
If you’d like to pursue specific hardscaping projects for your residence, then hire the professionals at LI Poolscapes. We’re the comprehensive team of experts who possess over 40 years of experience on a gamut of backyard projects. You’re welcome to call us anytime to discover more at 631-698-8873.

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