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Family Run for Over 40-Years


Fall in Love With Your Yard: Best Fall Landscaping

Wading River Outdoor Fireplace | Suffolk County Hardscape

After a long summer of green and flowering plants, it’s easy to forget that fall brings its own palette of colors. Along with the colors from trees in northern climates, you can also enjoy the fall colors of orange, red, and yellow in your fall plantings.

How to Host Your Very Own Backyard Bonfire

Ronkonkoma Backyard Renovations | Miller Place Cambridge Brick

Social gatherings can be complicated affairs that require a great deal of planning and smooth execution to pull off. Engagements such as these are entertaining but can be exhausting to host. For those times when you just want to spend time in good company with minimal fuss, there is a better solution.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen

Holbrook Outdoor Kitchen | Ronkonkoma Backyard Renovations

Oftentimes, when the timing and financial circumstances are just right, homeowners start considering improvements they can make to their home. The motivations behind these improvements vary; things to improve the value for later sale or equity, things to beautify or simply things to enjoy.

3 Tips to Keep Your Driveway Always Looking Like New

Manorville Driveway Pavers | Suffolk County Hardscape

When autumn comes, the world around you looks beautiful – colorful, bright and vibrant with multi-hued leaves everywhere. But did you know that those pretty leaves can do a lot of damage to your driveway and sidewalks? When you leave leaves on your driveway, it can cause stains and become extremely slippery when it gets wet.

What Backyard Fits Your Lifestyle?

Suffolk County Pool Patios | Ronkonkoma Water Features

Outdoor living spaces can provide a safe haven from the troubles of a daily grind. No matter your circumstance, having the ability to retreat to an outdoor refuge is a benefit few would pass up. However, no two backyards are the same and there are a great many options available to homeowners. Let’s take a look.

Does an Outdoor Kitchen Add Value to A Home?

Holbrook Outdoor Kitchen | Miller Place Cambridge Pavers

One of the most commonly renovated areas in any home is undoubtedly the kitchen. But, every homeowner deliberates whether or not to add an outdoor kitchen and if it will add value to their home. While some homeowners and real estate agents opine that the addition of an outdoor kitchen might not really pay off when selling the other house unless you are targeting an aspiring chef, others believe that it will be seen as a perk to most prospective buyers.

Outdoor Pizza Oven for Perfect Summers

Ronkonkoma Outdoor Pizza Ovens | Islip Backyard Repair

An outdoor kitchen during summers can turn your backyard into an amazing and entertaining cooking spot. For the most part, outdoor kitchens and wood fired ovens are a popular trend, and outdoor pizza oven makes cooking outdoors fun and entertaining. These ovens are perfectly designed to meet your outdoor cooking needs.

Water Features- Accessorize Your Outdoor Space With Tranquility and Peace

Ronkonkoma Water Features | Manorville Poolscape

Water features are always a welcome addition to any outdoor living space. They not only add property value but also create a zone of peace and tranquility. In some climates, they can also reduce heat by cooling the area around the water feature by evaporation. Let’s look at various water features you can add to existing areas or include in a planned patio or poolscape project.

3 Reasons to Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Holbrook Outdoor Kitchen | Long Island Backyard Renovations

As the weather keeps warming up, all of us here at Long Island Poolscapes are finding ourselves outside as soon as the sun comes up and heading back in long after it sets! What better way to enjoy the heat as well as your own backyard than with an outdoor kitchen? You can create gourmet meals, simple snacks, and every drink imaginable for all your friends and family.



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