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2018 Outdoor Living Trends!

Stay up to date on the latest trends in outdoor living. As winter turns to spring, you want to be ready for warmer weather with an inviting and relaxing outdoor living space. For 2018 there are several enticing trends you might want to consider for your outdoor space. To learn more about the hottest trends in outdoor living for 2018, just continue on with this blog post.

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The first trend you won’t be able to miss this year is vibrant colors. Stronger and bolder colors are making a comeback in 2018. Warm up your outdoor living space with magenta, teal, orange and other eye-catching colors. Invite these colors into your outdoor space through patio furniture, or consider painting areas of your living space with these exciting and inviting shades.

Speaking of warmth, fire features are another 2018 trend you will see as the winter weather warms up. Everybody loves sitting around a fire on a summer evening. Fire features are comfortable, fun to watch and create an outstanding ambiance. Fire features can even be used year round, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space during the cooler months. Consider installing a fire feature in your outdoor living space to create versatility in the area and enjoy relaxing evenings outdoors.

If you love to cook or you love to eat, open-air dining is an appealing trend for 2018. Outdoor kitchens and built-in grilles are predicted to be popular in 2018. After a long day of work, sit back in your outdoor living space and enjoy a delicious meal in the open air with family or friends. Alternatively, fix yourself a cup of coffee in the morning and take a sip in your outdoor living space. An open-air dining space is perfect for any time of day.

Do these 2018 outdoor living space trends sound attractive to you? If so, prepare your outdoor patio space for spring with Long Island Poolscapes. We specialize in transforming outdoor areas into dream spaces, so reach out to us today to recreate your outdoor living area. You can reach us by phone at 631-698-8873 for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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