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Steps to Take Now for Next Year’s Gorgeous Yard

Now that cooler weather is beginning in the northern states, it’s time to think about your yard and landscaping in Long Island and how to get ready for next year. Although it might sound attractive to stop cutting the grass and not worrying about your yard until next year, there are a few tasks you can do now to make your yard a lot healthier next season.

Take care of the leaves — You don’t want to leave a blanket of leaves on your yard, because they will get wet and matted over the winter and kill the grass. You can rake them, but another good option is to mulch them to provide nutrients to the lawn. You can either change your lawnmower blade to a mulching blade or simply use the existing mower and make several passes over the leaves until they are chopped very small. They will decompose and add nutrients to the yard.

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Go after the weeds — Fall is a good time to kill off dandelions and broadleaf weeds. Ask us or your favorite lawn care center for the right weedkiller and take care of those weeds.

Feed it — Yes, even with mulched leaves your yard needs some feeding. A high phosphorus fertilizer mix (label will show 12-25-12) will help strengthen the grass for the upcoming winter.

Cut it — Do a final mowing of your yard once the grass stops growing. A bit over an inch is a good length to protect the roots and survive snow and ice.

Plant or transplant bushes and shrubs — Early fall is a good time to plant bushes and shrubs. Don’t wait until too late because you want warm ground and cooler temperatures. The correct way to plant any bush is to dig a hole twice the diameter of the root ball and deep enough so the top of the root ball is at ground level. Set the bush in place, fill in the hole, and add enough mulch to protect the roots. Water it well every few days during cooler weather.

Bulbs — Tulips and alliums grow best when planted the previous fall. Dig your holes deeper than the size of the bulb and place them with the pointed end up. Some bulbs like dahlias should be removed and dried until next season.

Trim your trees — Remove dying branches you can easily reach from the ground. Hire a pro to trim your trees higher up to prevent injuries.

Water and tools — Don’t forget to shut off outside water lines to prevent freezing. Also clean your yard tools well and apply a light coating of oil to prevent rust over the winter.

If you have questions about protecting your landscaping, or are looking to design a new landscape for next season, call Long Island Poolscapes today at 631-698-8873. We are ready to help you with your landscaping issues or designing a whole new look for you!

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