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Stone Patio or Wooden Deck: Which is Better for Your Home?

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The season of Spring is upon us and you want to be outside more. You would love nothing more than to sit out on your patio or deck and enjoy a beautiful spring day but you haven’t decided Which is Better for Your Home, a Stone Patio or Wooden Deck?

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Long Island Poolscapes understands this is a big investment that takes several considerations. With over 30 years’ experience, we can help you add that zest to your outside space while working with you to create a customized Patio or Deck.

Some things to consider: function, maintenance, view, privacy concerns, and cost. How you will be utilizing your space? Formal or casual gatherings? Will you be needing privacy for sunbathing? Using your space for tranquil reading or meditating? Perhaps just for flipping burgers on the grille or maybe all of the above. Do you have small children still in your home?

Another consideration is the style of your home. Do you want to carry over a particular style, theme, color or pattern? Maybe, you want to match the patio and deck with the inside flooring of the room leading onto the outside space? Do you want something that will be built up that may block window views from inside your home?

Whether you love the rustic look of a wood deck or the unique appearance of a stone patio one of the most important considerations, next to cost, is maintenance. Opting for wood, requires upkeep, such as cleaning, staining and/or sealing to maintain its gorgeous rustic appearance. While a beautiful smooth Bluestone, Granite or Quartzite is extremely resilient requiring no seal or coloring for preserving its material. It is a natural option and may only need the sand grout replenished on occasion.

The final consideration and probably your most important one is Cost. We can work within any budget and still create a custom space designed specifically for you and your needs. Both wood and stone have pros and cons. However, with a natural product such as stone you will receive a unique space that is durable enough to last the test of time.

If your ready to start your Suffolk County Backyard Renovations give us a call to get an estimate on the cost of your customized unique stone deck or patio and experience the quality in materials, installation and customer service that over 4,000 satisfied Suffolk County customers have already experienced.



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