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14 Backyard Landscaping Ideas for 2017!

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A beautifully landscaped front yard warmly welcomes guests and has stunning curb appeal. A well-designed landscape in the backyard provides a relaxing space that can make a great escape or entertainment space.

If you’re seeking landscaping inspiration, Home Design Lover compiled a list of 14 backyard landscaping ideas that will fuel your creativity. Check out their ideas by reading on.

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  1. Modern with Outdoor Fireplace: Smaller backyards can shine with a modern design. Add in an outdoor fireplace, and your small backyard can transform into a warm and relaxing sanctuary.
  2. Traditional: Backyard landscaping with straight and traditional lines can have a tranquil feeling with wonderful flow. Add in some low to the ground plants and flowers, and a traditional landscaping job can create a soothing outdoor space.
  3. Landscaping with Pathways: Short pathways that navigate to sections of your yard are both beautiful and functional. Concrete and stones are popular materials for pathways that can look natural and cohesive with your landscaping.
  4. Urban Oasis: Just because you have a small yard in a big city doesn’t mean it has to feel this way. You can create an urban oasis by planting flowers and plants throughout your yard, and adding in seating to create a luxurious and isolated landscape.
  5. Newport Beach Urban Landscape: A small yard in a beachy urban city may seem difficult to landscape, but by adding in hardscapes and beautifully crafted patios, you can transform your yard into a luxurious escape.
  6. Pondless Water Features: Water is a tranquil and soothing element to landscaping, but not all yards have room for a pond or pool. Instead, consider incorporating miniature waterfalls or streams into your backyard landscaping.
  7. Low Maintenance Yards: Landscaping can be easy maintenance when designed with easy to care for plants and simple to cut areas of grass. Add in some contemporary seating, and you have a stunning and simple backyard space that requires minimal effort to maintain.
  8. Brick Focal Points: Brick areas can add a rustic and classic focal point to your yard. Brick covered flooring or outdoor fireplaces can give your backyard a unique appearance all its own.
  9. Curved Contemporary Lines: Curved and contemporary lines in backyard spaces create a fluid and fascinating appearance that builds an image all your own. This landscaping technique can make any space look as individual as you are.
  10. Pergola Patios: A pergola instantly transforms a backyard into a romantic and comforting getaway. Fabric coverings on pergolas allow you to put your own touch on this classic landscaping piece, while also creating a shaded space for sunny days.
  11. Trees and Bushes: For a more lush yard, trees and bushes can add relaxing greenery to any outdoor space. Larger yards will benefit from taller trees and fuller bushes to create a more private and isolated space.
  12. Modern Design Elements: Don’t be afraid to experiment with modern design elements in your backyard. Unique furniture, lines and decorative pieces can transform a yard into a stylish and sleek landscape.
  13. Pool Landscapes: Incorporate your pool into your landscaping designs. Square or rectangular pools will look great with clean lines throughout the yard. If you have a circular or ovular pool, contemporary curves in your landscaping will make for a creative and cool space.
  14. Stone: For a relaxing outdoor area, consider using stones and rocks to create steps, seating and fire pits. This can turn your backyard landscaping into a stunning escape with a natural feel.
  15. If you’re inspired by the above design ideas, make them a reality! By reaching out to Long Island Poolscapes, you can achieve the backyard of your dreams. Give us a call at (631)698-8873 to get started on your dream yard.



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