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5 Easy Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

LI Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips | Long Island Hardscape Services

With over 40-years of experience, our family knows pools. We know that when you are using your pool most in those summer months, keeping it clean is on your mind more often than the rest of the year. We also know that your pool is a key focal point in your backyard and may even be the center of all your backyard activities.

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We have 5 Easy Pool Maintenance Tips to help you keep your pool the center of your backyard paradise!

1. Filtration – The key to having a healthy and crystal clear pool lies in the maintenance of your filter. The more your water is filtered, the better the distribution of important chemicals throughout the pool. Running your filters between 8 and 12 hours a day can help catch debris such as leaves. It is also a good idea to check your baskets on a regular basis for cracks and replace when necessary.

2. Pressure Gauging – Every pool’s pressure varies, which is why it is important to monitor regularly and backwash your filters whenever necessary. If you notice a rise from a starting pressure of 5-10 psi when you turn on your filtration system, then you will need to backwash your filters so they will perform at their optimum.

3. Sanitation – To ensure 24-hour sanitation of your pool you will want to use a stabilized chlorine. Chlorinators introduce chlorine in a regular and controlled manner. Another effective way to add chlorine would be a salt generator. Skimmers create uneven chemical distribution levels and are not recommended even though they may seem convenient.

4. Brushing – Scheduling brushing regularly will help prevent algae build up and sedimentary debris that can form around the walls and edges of your pool. You can also vacuum the pool floor weekly to help control buildups.

5. Shock Treatments – Every two weeks you should perform a shock treatment or super chlorination during the summer. Doing this will burn off swimming waste and other undesirable compounds from your pool water. The type of shock you use will be determined by your pool’s water condition and clarity.

A few simple tactics can help you keep your pool looking great all year! Contact Long Island Poolscapes and allow our family to offer you a variety of Suffolk County pool services to enhance your backyard experience!



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