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7 Easy Budget-Friendly Backyard Makeovers

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The backyard can be used for a lot of purposes, from hosting parties to making playhouses. But neglect and a lack of planning can make backyards useless and unsightly. Backyard makeovers needn’t be expensive. Here are seven easy ones everyone can try.

miller place backyard repair

Slate Patio

Most people have plain concrete patios, which look dull with age. There is an easy way to deck them up, simply by laying slate tiles in a checkboard pattern. A thin set mortar can be used to hold the tiles in place. Another option is to put a fresh coat of paint on the concrete, in any color or pattern of your choice. Both of these options are inexpensive and easy to accomplish.

Garden Path

If you have a grassy backyard, consider drawing meandering trails across it to add some drama and charm to a space that would otherwise look untamed. The garden paths also make it easier to walk in the backyard without having to step on grass or mud. You could have either concrete trails or more dramatic gravel paths or brick roads.

Mark the Spaces

This works best when you have a backyard big enough to be divided into different spaces. Marking the different areas for dining, cooking, lounging, or playing not only make the place look neat, but also help in the proper utilization of the backyard space. Sometimes, this whole process could only mean a simple reposition of furniture.

miller place backyard repair

Get a Trellis

Trellises are often beautiful architectural pieces that add drama to a garden or backyard. Although they are generally used for climbing plants, they can even be placed in the backyard to mark the entrances to the different spaces.


Exposed and uneven flowerbeds and soil look unsightly and encourage the growth of weeds. Placing an even layer of mulch across the backyard is a good way to give a finished look to the space.


A flat lawn can be given some dimension by adding a few garden boulders. Available at landscaping shops, boulders can be placed at various parts of the lawn, and flowers shrubs grown around them.

Play with paint

If you have a single story house, consider painting the back side in the shade similar to the backyard. This imparts a nice color-coordinated effect to the space. For all professional and affordable backyard landscaping services, get in touch with Long Island Poolscapes, and start building the backyard of your dreams!



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