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Long Island Water Features | Suffolk County Hardscape

Having a pool is already exciting, but adding some water features will transform your pool into a unique and exhilarating place all its own. For a stand-out pool that will excite friends and family, consider some of these water features.

Bubblers: Bubblers are small fountains that spurt water straight upward. This water feature can be found in shallow ends of pools and is a perfect way for young children to play in the water or older children and adults to enjoy a little splash without diving into the pool.

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Fountain: Fountains allow water to flow into your pool with elegance. Pool fountains can either be built on the side of your pool or in the middle of it. Either way, the beautiful appearance and soothing sounds of a pool fountain will create a luxurious feeling in your backyard.

Lights and colors: Who says swimming is just a daytime activity? Let your child enjoy a late night pool party safely with a pool light. This light will illuminate the water so your child can see while swimming, and so you can appropriately supervise. Add in color filters, and you can illuminate your pool in a variety of colors that will be both fun and stunning! You can even seek a light that will change colors as it works for a constant light show.

Waterfalls: A waterfall on the edge of your pool can complete any design. If you have a modern brick or rustic rocky poolscape, adding in a pool-side waterfall can quickly turn your pool into a getaway. These waterfalls also create a soothing sound, which can relax you as you tan poolside or float around on a raft.

Water slides: Bring the water park to your own backyard with a custom water slide! A water slide is for the whole family, and a custom design can look right at home in your backyard. For something the kids won’t be able to get an enough of, consider adding a water slide to your pool.

Adding water features to your pool will set it aside from others and create a fun, relaxing place to spend your days. If you’re interested in transforming your pool, consider reaching out to our team here at Long Island Poolscapes. We can turn your backyard pool into a luxurious getaway, so give us a call at (631)698-8873 today!



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