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Three Expert Steps to Assess Your Spring Landscape

Spring has arrived, even if there is still a forecast for snow in the Northeast this late in March. It can be frustrating when the weather delays our spring planting schedule or dreams of a lush summer garden . But there are things you can do now to be prepared for an active growing season.

Damage assessment and list what you need — Look up at your trees and assess whether winter has damaged any branches. You can also look at the ground around trees for fallen branches due to ice or heavy snow. Smaller ornamental trees can be damaged or even split by heavy snow, so don’t ignore them. Give your shrubs and bushes a good review — look for damage from frost, heavy snow piles, or other damage. Then inspect planting areas, particularly if they are adjacent to walks and driveways. There could be damage from plows, cars, or trucks that drove over these areas when the driveway wasn’t clearly visible. Once you have assessed these areas, get pencil or pen and paper and make a list of what needs correction or repair.

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Take your list and create a plan — Some gardening tasks can be done by the homeowner, but bigger jobs should be left to the professionals like Long Island Poolscapes. Here are some things to consider when developing a gardening plan:

  • Tackling the job of removing tree branches can be dangerous for any larger branches or those not reachable from the ground. Create a list for your professional to use.
  • Damaged ground due to plows or vehicles may require a landscape company to bring fresh topsoil, sod, or mulch. If your area uses sand or salt for winter roads, don’t mix either into your compost pile as they will damage it. Have the salt and sand removed and sent to the landfill.
  • If you have any areas where salt is visible or suspected, you should water those areas well to dilute the salt as soon as possible. Excess salt can and will kill vegetation and keep areas from growing well into the future.
  • Look for animal damage from rabbits or deer, and plan to replace plants as needed.

Respond promptly but don’t overdo it — You might be tempted to start adding fertilizer as soon as the weather warms up, but this can actually do more harm than good. Take it slow and steady when adding products to existing landscapes. Prune, remove dead items, and clear away salt and snow. Then wait a bit before heading toward the chemicals.

Long Island Poolscapes is ready to help you with spring landscaping repair. We can help establish new landscape areas this year if you are ready to take your landscaping up a notch. Call Long Island Poolscapes at 631-698-8873 today for a consultation, and then get ready for spring!

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