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Backyard Repair & Renovation Ideas

Long Island Backyard Renovations | Suffolk County Pool Patios

As the weather warms up and the snow melts, it’s time to repair and renovate your backyard. Springtime is the perfect time to refresh your landscaping, with pool and patio improvements that will transform your yard into a refreshing oasis, just in time for summer. The following suggestions and ideas are just some of the ways you can repair and renovate your backyard.

long island backyard renovations

Put in a pool

If you have a large enough backyard, why not put in a pool? Pools can be surprisingly affordable, and may even pay for themselves as they increase the property value of your home. A pool is also a great way to cool off in the hot summer heat and provides the perfect place for your children to play.

Grow a garden

No matter the size of your backyard, a garden can be a great way to add greenery or splashes of color to your landscaping. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, a garden can be fun and easily maintained by anyone. Gardens can also be impressive to guests, providing a stunning focal point that will transform your yard.

Add a terrace or patio

Terracing is an attractive way to create a level place for entertaining guests or relaxing on a warm summer day. If you have a hilly, uneven or rocky backyard, a terrace will provide you with more usable space. You can make a terrace to function as a patio or deck from wood or rock materials, or you can use grass or sand to create a natural and level terrace space.


If you already have a pool, garden, terrace or patio, then you may want to remodel them before the summertime. Adding a waterfall to your pool, putting decorative rocks in your garden, or transforming your terrace with stunning landscaping is a great way to start off the summer.

If you’re interested in repairing and remodeling your backyard, reach out to us at Long Island Poolscapes. We’re a professional company able to help you design the perfect pool or patio space that will transform your yard into the perfect relaxing oasis, so call us today at 631-698-8873.



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