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Big Ideas For A Small Backyard

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Having a small backyard doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream backyard. There are many ways to transform backyard spaces into beautiful escapes, no matter the size. If you want to transform your small backyard, the following blog post features creative and unique ideas that will make your backyard pop.

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The first way you can decorate your small backyard is by making the entryway a focal point. All yards of all sizes have an entryway, so make this space something special. You can decorate backyard entryways with exciting colors and floral arrangements, which use bright colors to make a space appear bigger. Yellows, oranges, and reds are inviting summer colors that create a positive energy in a small backyard.

Another idea you can use in your small backyard to redecorate the space is sectioning. By creating separate sections in your backyard, you can use spaces like raised patios or multi-color stones to make a yard look and feel bigger. Accentuate the areas of your yard that do have space with paving stone patterns, attractive pavers, and creative patio spaces.

If you have a green thumb, planting large leave plants will create a private and inviting backyard space. You may think large plants will make a backyard look small, but these plants will actually create the illusion of a larger yard. Large leaf plants are also more durable, which is perfect for areas that experience all four seasons.

The final tip for decorating your small backyard is adding a pergola. Pergolas are glamorous, provide a source of shade during hot summer days, and make backyards look more spacious when installing at eye level. This is a simple and luxurious way to make your backyard pop.

If any of these ideas inspired you to transform your small backyard into a beautiful outdoor hangout, consider seeking our services at Long Island Poolscapes. We specialize in outdoor spaces and can help you achieve the backyard of your dreams. Reach out to us via phone at 631-698-8873 for a consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!



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