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Tips and Plans for Building an Outdoor Wood Burning Oven

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A custom built outdoor kitchen adds value and enjoyment to a home. Instead of cooking inside on a beautiful day, you can cook in your outdoor kitchen and enjoy a cold beverage with your friends or family on the patio. Hosting parties is easier with an outdoor kitchen, especially if you are making a lot of food.

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An important part of an outdoor kitchen is a wood-burning oven. An outdoor wood-burning oven won’t heat up your home, and you can use it as an oven, barbeque or grill. Pizza, fish and vegetables taste great when cooked in a wood-burning oven!

There are a few things to take in to consideration if you decide to build an outdoor oven. The first is to avoid building the oven near trees so a fire doesn’t start if embers fly away. The second is to build thick walls to give better insulation, especially if you would like to cook pizza in the oven (traditional Neapolitan pizza requires 900-degree heat!). The third thing to consider is making the oven look as nice as possible since it can increase the value of your home. One last thing to consider is how you will control the charcoal. There are many different designs for outdoor ovens, but make sure there is way to brush the wood to the side of the oven to keep things clean.

When it comes to the actual design of your outdoor oven, there are endless choices. You could choose the cob-oven, traditional oven, pizza oven, or Pompeii oven, just to name a few. Long Island Poolscapes specializes in creating livable backyard spaces, like outdoor kitchens. Our top contractors will meet with you, assess your space, and help you plan and design the perfect outdoor kitchen. Check out the gallery section of our website to see photos of a few of our finished outdoor kitchens and ovens, and start planning for your own! Call us at 631-698-8873 to make an appointment today.



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