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Driveway Paver Benefits

Port Jefferson Driveway Pavers | Suffolk County Landscaping

Looking to spruce up your home this Summer? Our Driveway pavers offer many advantages over other driveway surfaces.

Here are a few reasons to consider driveway pavers if you plan to replace or expand your driveway:

manorville driveway pavers

• They are very durable and can be used in any climate including freezing weather.

• They are extremely easy to repair, leaving no patches or color differences when done.

• You have many options in colors and designs, unlike a stamped drive where your contractor may only have a few choices.

• You can drive on the driveway as soon as it is installed, unlike concrete or hot asphalt.

• Pavers won’t leave unsightly cracks like concrete or asphalt as the driveway ages.

There may be a slight initial premium in the cost of a paver driveway, but if you consider the advantages you will be swayed to using pavers for your next driveway. The key to a good installation is to have a good well-compacted sub-base that supports the pavers. If installed correctly, pavers will not shift, settle, or tilt. In addition, a polymer sand that is spread between the pavers acts both as an adhesive to keep the pavers in place, and it remains flexible for expansion and contraction both from car traffic and weather changes. In addition, properly installed polymer sand won’t erode in areas with heavy rains. A properly installed paver driveway should last for decades with little maintenance other than keeping it clean, and periodically sealing the pavers with a clear sealer recommended by your contractor or paver manufacturer.

In winter areas, pavers can be plowed or shoveled like any driveway surface. Avoid using ice chopping tools which can damage the pavers. Also, use a non-corrosive salt melting chemical such as calcium magnesium acetate, and avoid using sodium or potassium chloride salt to melt snow or ice.

When installing pavers, make sure your contractor takes a few steps to provide a proper installation:

• A sub-base 8-12 inches thick after compacting plus a one-inch sand bed should be used beneath the pavers.

• Use pavers with at least 8000 pounds of compressive strength (that keeps them from breaking under the weight of cars) and low moisture absorption rating (water freezing inside pavers will eventually damage them, so keeping the water out is critical).

• Use edging secured with metal spikes wherever the edges of the driveway are planned to prevent pavers from shifting at the edges.

• Use darker colors to hide drips and stains from cars and tires, and to help melt snow in winter.

• Consider adding a snow melting system beneath the driveway, particularly if you have hilly areas or sections of the driveway where plowing might be difficult.

After installation, periodically seal the pavers using products recommended by your contractor or the paver manufacturer. Remove dirt by sweeping or rinsing with a hose. Clean up spills promptly to prevent stains, and use a power washer occasionally if needed to remove accumulated grime. If a paver cracks it can easily be removed and replaced, so make sure you keep an inventory of extra pavers, or confirm that your contractor does so. The polymer sand should also then be replaced with the repaired areas. If a paver settles it can easily be removed and additional sand added to bring it up to grade.

Long Island Poolscapes are expert in driveway paver installations. We have a wide range of products available for you to choose from, and the expertise to help you design and install a perfect driveway or patio, and over 40 years of experience as a family-run business to do it right. Contact us today if you are looking to kick your driveway up a notch with a paver installation from Long Island Poolscapes.



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