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For thousands of years, masonry has been mankind’s go-to building material. The pyramids of the Egyptians, the cities and temples of the Greeks, the massive empire of the Romans: every great civilization has used brick to build their roads, aqueducts, and living spaces. Exceedingly reliable and durable, brick is one the most functional and versatile materials available. It is energy efficient, green, provides an excellent noise and fire barrier, and is available in a wide range of colors, textures, styles, and finishes. The raw beauty of Holbrook Masonry adds warmth and charm to any venue. When looking for a brick and masonry contractor, it is important to carefully consider reputation, reliability, experience, and price value. To ensure you receive the quality brick and masonry work you deserve, work with a contractor who can meet the following important criteria.

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Look for a mason who is also a brick repair specialist. Typical masons and handymen will not be able to properly attend to complicated cosmetic or structural problems. Make sure your mason has extensive experience with your particular Miller Place Brick Repair needs.


Due your due diligence and verify that your bricklayer has the needed experience. The Better Business Bureau is an excellent source to determine the longevity of any masonry company.


Getting quality brick and Masonry work done takes time. Don’t rush into it. Experienced masonry companies are often in high demand and will likely have a backlog of projects. Plan ahead of time, especially during the busy spring and summer months. All good things are worth the wait.


Your masonry work is only as good as the materials used to build it. Using improper or poor quality brick can legitimately shorten your masonry’s lifespan. Using non-approved mortar or inappropriate construction methods can also lead to a wide variety of problems. Know the quality of your contractor’s materials.


The industry standard for most construction work and projects is a one-year guarantee on labor and materials. Although quality work will last much longer than this, you should expect a full warranty of one year. This allots you a reasonable time frame in which to examine the work and identify potential problems.

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