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Fall in Love With Your Yard: Best Fall Landscaping

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After a long summer of green and flowering plants, it’s easy to forget that fall brings its own palette of colors. Along with the colors from trees in northern climates, you can also enjoy the fall colors of orange, red, and yellow in your fall plantings. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of these colors when planning your landscaping this fall.

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Here are some plants that you can enjoy this fall in northern climates:

  • Tiger eyes sumac, with red berries that can last all winter
  • Viburnum, another berry provider in blues or pinks
  • Caryopteris, with lovely lavender hues
  • Hydrangea, with bright leaves and flowers
  • Mums, a fall classic with autumn colors of orange, red, and gold

Along with choosing the right plants, here are some gardening tips during the fall season:

  • Leaves at the base of trees and shrubs will decompose and form compost, therefore it’s okay to leave them there. Remove leaves from around plants, because they can promote fungi and attract insects.
  • Plant perennials rather than annuals. Perennials will return every year, saving you money over time.
  • Don’t forget to plant your bulbs for next spring. Make sure to plant a few weeks before the first expected frost.
  • Fall is a great time to plant fruit trees.

Along with plants, fall can be a great time to put in some hardscaping, such as walls or planters. Long Island Poolscapes is expert in both landscaping and hardscape designs and construction. Why wait until next year to have a new paved area, retaining wall, or other hardscapes? We can install many hardscapes up until freezing weather occurs. A new landscape wall or other areas will be ready and waiting for you as soon as the weather warms next spring. Contact Long Island Poolscapes today and discuss your fall planting needs or your desires for a new patio or landscape wall to complete your outdoor gardens.



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