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Five Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is the ideal place to entertain guests and enjoy warm weather. If you’re looking to design an outdoor kitchen, there are several tips and tricks to follow for the perfect space. For five tips for designing your outdoor kitchen, read on!

1. Design with smoke flow in mind

Odds are your outdoor kitchen will feature a grill. Most modern grills are designed with a vent out of the back, where smoke flows when the grill is closed. However, when you open the grill, where does the smoke blow? Keep in mind the normal wind direction in your backyard and design your outdoor kitchen to blow smoke away from guest seating, your home, and your neighbor’s home.

Outdoor Kitchen Completed by Long Island Poolscapes

2. Side burners

Side burners are among the most under-rated appliances in an outdoor kitchen. Consider installing side burners to allow for convenient and efficient cooking. Side burners can be used to create a stir-fry, fajitas, corn, bacon, eggs, and so much more.

3. Refrigerators

vWhen you think of outdoor cooking, you’re probably thinking of heating up food. Don’t forget about the food and drinks you want to keep cool. Store salads, sodas, and beers in an outdoor refrigerator.

4. Space

Whether or not you have a lot of space to accommodate guests, designing an outdoor kitchen requires strategic staging. Consider designing a space specifically for the person preparing food at the grill and separate this area from guests. This way food can be prepared with plenty of space, and guests can be entertained without getting in the way.

5. Trash and recycling

Don’t forget to install containers for trash and recycling. Consider built-ins for a cleaner look and improved convenience.

Follow these tips and reach out to Long Island Poolscapes to design your dream outdoor kitchen. Get in touch with Long Island Poolscapes by giving us a call at 631-698-8873 today!



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