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Four Steps to Creating the Perfect Patio!

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Patios and outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular as people desire to move their lives outdoors after long days in offices and buildings. A patio can be a simple square of pavers all the way up to expansive multi-level areas with outdoor kitchens and recreation areas. There are four things you should do when planning your patio, so let’s review them.

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Put Your Vision on Paper

  • You may have a long-standing dream of what your patio should be, but you won’t know if it works in your yard until you put pencil to paper. Make some sketches of what you want, then buy a big tape measure and take measurements of your outdoor area. You may find you need to adjust your dream a bit to fit the space you have. If you have some computer skills, put your ideas into a graphics program that can visualize outdoor spaces. You may need to pay some money for a good program, but you can change your designs as often as you wish as your ideas develop. Having a printed diagram rendering of your wishes is a big help when talking to contractors, and when estimating costs.

Carefully Choose Your Contractor

  • As with any home improvement project, you need the right contractor with the expertise to turn your dream into a real outdoor patio. It’s time to do your homework, including checking references, looking at work the contractor has completed (photos with a customer reference is okay as long as you can see the details), finding reviews of their performance on the Internet, and making sure they are licensed and insured. Get multiple estimates, and remember that the cheapest is not always the best. Make sure all estimates are in writing.

It’s Time for Work to Start

  • You and your chosen contractor should prepare a detailed contract for the job. It should be detailed and describe exactly what you want and what the contractor will provide. If you change the scope of work after the job starts, amend the contract and be prepared to pay for the changes. Have a clear description of the payment schedule before you sign the contract. Paying part of the cost is normal, but walk away if a contractor insists on full payment before work begins. This is a red flag that something is amiss.
  • Be wary of contractors who want you to get the permits because this is typically their job. Asking you to pay for permits is appropriate, but they may not be licensed properly if they want you to obtain permits for the job.

Be Visible and Be Vocal

  • Talk to your contractor and agree to small details, such as working hours, what materials or equipment they may need to store at your home, and what parts of your home they may need to access, such as an electrical panel if you are adding outdoor electric service. Speak up if you see work occurring that doesn’t agree with your contract. You are paying the bill and have the right to ask questions about the project. Don’t be bullied by a contractor who tells you they are the experts and you aren’t, and therefore you don’t need to question their work.
  • Also, never make final payment until you are satisfied the work is completed per the contract. This should include cleaning up your yard, removing any construction equipment, and doing any landscaping specified in the contract. Also, be wary if a contractor insists they need more money for work you have already specified in the contract. This is illegal in many states, unethical in the least, and cause for you to seek legal counsel.

Talk With Long Island Poolscapes

  • We have over 40 years of experience in the design and execution of outdoor patios and living areas. Simple or complex makes no difference to us, we will treat all customers with the same care and consideration for getting the job done correctly and on time. We also design pools, so keep us in mind if you are interested in an outdoor patio with a pool. From outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, rock work, and water features, to custom landscaping, we can provide you full-service outdoor living space design and creation. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you create your dream outdoor spaces.



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