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Four Ways to Make Your Patio Your Favorite

Now that summer is here, it’s time to soak up the sun! However, when you don’t feel comfortable on your Long Island patio, you may not want to spend your downtime in the great outdoors. Make your patio your favorite space this summer by following four simple steps.

1. Fix up your porch or patio space

If you’ve moved into a house with a beat-up outdoor area, or a house with no porch or patio area at all, it’s time to get a spectacular outdoor space. Remodel or install a porch or patio to your home to create that outdoor oasis that is inviting and relaxing for the summertime.

Backyard Makeover from Long Island Poolscapes

2. Add upgrades to your space

Outdoor spaces can always use a little upgrade. Whether you’re remodeling the space you already have, or adding new elements to your patio, consider features like a roof, built-in grill, lighting, outdoor fireplaces, and even an outdoor T.V. set to transform your space.

3. Add an outdoor kitchen

You can lounge outside, eat outside, and even sleep outside, so why not cook outside too? Host the ultimate summer cookout by building a grill, cabinets, counter spaces, and so on in your outdoor kitchen. You can even find manufacturers who make outdoor sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, and so on. Did you know Long Island Poolscapes can create you a custom outdoor pizza oven?

4. Open the windows

If possible, install your patio as close to your kitchen as possible. This way you can use your indoor kitchen for preparing food, and your outdoor patio space for hosting guests. You won’t have to be far from your guests when making dinner with this clever layout.

Planning on taking your patio to the next level? Reach out to Long Island Poolscapes in Ronkonkoma for all of your outdoor space remodeling needs. For a consultation with our staff, give us a call at 631-698-8873. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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