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Hardscaping and Landscaping Can Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space

When you set out to perfect your outdoor space, there are only two schools of styling you need to know: landscaping and hardscaping. The first is how you choose to beautify and utilize the natural elements of the outdoor areas of your home. The second is how you add and install more permanent fixtures to that same space. One way isn’t inherently better than the other, and in fact, we’d recommend using them together. Here are a few techniques you can use from either or both schools to spruce things up outside the home.

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With landscaping, we recommend going low maintenance. Because plants have a limited shelf life, you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor without performing much actual labor. So when you’re considering just how to utilize plants, look at function and color. The function isn’t necessary but can help you in small ways. Anything that’s tall enough to provide privacy, or plants that have a culinary or medical use, have strengths beyond visual appeal. Also, look at how the colors and positions of plants compliment each other nearby fixtures. Unifying elements goes a long way.

Hardscaping enhances the look of the outdoors with stone installations. Most people think of garden walls and walkways, which are always a fine choice, but we’re fans of building outdoor living spaces. Think of these as next-level patios: full-sized entertainment spaces complete with furniture and appliances that make for the perfect hangout spot for friends and family, day or night. Some of the same rules of landscaping apply to hardscaping, specifically about colors. Also, if using stonework, consider the look of the stones used. Manufacturers provide multiple options for natural-looking, man-made stones to complement whatever look you choose.

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