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How to Host Your Very Own Backyard Bonfire

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Social gatherings can be complicated affairs that require a great deal of planning and smooth execution to pull off. Engagements such as these are entertaining but can be exhausting to host. For those times when you just want to spend time in good company with minimal fuss, there is a better solution.

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Backyard bonfires are simple events that put you and your guests at ease with little to no preparation. As they occur outside, there is very little planning or clean-up required and they are simple to get started with the help of a properly laid out backyard. Long Island Poolscapes has just the right equipment and options to get you started.

The first and most essential component of a bonfire is, of course, the fire source. Finding a means of safely containing a fire can seem daunting but there are a variety of options to fit your needs. Our custom fire pits are tailor-made for your situation and can be seamlessly incorporated into your backyard. These pits and their associated seating can be a standalone structure or an integrated component of the larger custom landscape.

Your backyard bonfire can be complete with a simple pit and some friends, but we also offer several additional options that may enhance your experience. Any event can be improved with the addition of food, so why not consider an outdoor kitchen? Capable of incorporating stone countertops, sinks, and even appliances, a backyard kitchen is a perfect accompaniment to a toasty social gathering. An optional brick oven opens up a whole new world of choices, from fresh-made pizzas to more exotic Mediterranean and middle-eastern fare. The possibilities are practically endless and your guests will be sure to appreciate them.

We are confident we can construct you a landscape that suits your backyard entertainment needs, whether they be simple s’mores over a small fire or an epic feast sitting beside a roaring blaze. We are Long Island Poolscapes and we invite you to contact us regarding your specific situation. Feel free to give us a call at (631) 698-8873, we would be delighted to help you make your dreams come true.



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