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Improve Your Spring Landscaping with These Tips!

Spring is almost here or coming soon after for most of the US, so it’s time to start thinking about changes for your landscaping. This is a great time to look at cleaning up your plantings or starting new beds. Here are some tips as you plan your spring landscaping:

Inspect and clean up trees and shrubs — Trees and shrubs are a key part of the visual look of your yard. They need regular care like any plant. After a long winter, there are some things to look for to keep trees and shrubs in good repair:

Landscaping and Backyard Repair
  • Remove any dead branches or any with obvious diseases. Dead branches can damage your yard or home during storms so they should be removed. But don’t cut branches too soon before spring growth occurs to avoid removing good branches.
  • Trim and prune to remove overgrown branches and to keep branches above ground. Look for quick growing areas as well as gaps or holes in shrubs and prune accordingly. Properly pruned trees and shrubs will be stronger and withstand storms and future winters.
  • Fertilize with the proper nutrients. Trees and shrubs need fertilizer just like your lawn. Your local landscape supply store can help you find the proper fertilizers for your trees. Carefully follow the directions and don’t over-fertilize.

Fertilize your lawn — Winters take a toll on your grass and it needs to be fed as well. Find out what fertilizers are best for your location and the type of soils you have. This might be a good time to invest in using a professional landscape treatment company. They will know what fertilizers are best and when they should be applied.

Get your mower ready — Spring is a good time to get the mower ready. Spring grass can grow quickly in some climates and you need to be ready.

  1. Change the oil if you didn’t do that last fall. You may wish to drain out old gasoline if it remained in the tank over the winter.
  2. It is very important to sharpen the mower blades regularly. Sharp blades cut the grass rather than tearing it, keeping damage to a minimum.
  3. Adjust the mower height to a longer cut. Keeping grass higher holds moisture better, prevents weeds, and keeps the grass stronger.

Replace mulch where it is needed — Mulch is very useful for plantings as it keeps down weeds while reducing the need for watering. It also keeps plants cooler by keeping the heat away from the root structures. Over time mulch will decompose to soil and also compresses, making it less useful. It is a good idea to remove remaining old mulch in the spring and place new mulch around your plantings. This will keep them in good shape for the summer.

Check your irrigation system — Plant and yard irrigation systems need regular inspection and maintenance just like any machine. Spring is a good time to make sure your system is operating correctly with no leaks or broken sprinkler heads.

  1. Start the system and make sure everything is working correctly.
  2. Some areas may require a backflow preventer system to keep irrigation water from reaching the drinking water supply, and the owner is responsible for making sure the preventer is working correctly. Check with your municipality if you have such a system installed.
  3. If you have to repair your irrigation system because it was not winterized correctly and froze, now is the time to make a note to winterize next fall before the first freeze. If you don’t know how to do this you may wish to hire a landscape company who can winterize your system correctly.

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