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Four In-ground Pool Options That Are Trending in 2016!

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Long Island Poolscapes is always interested in offering our customers the latest in inground pool designs. Part of that responsibility for us is understanding the trends in pool designs from year to year. Let us show you the latest trends for 2016.

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Tanning Ledges: areas of the pool with 12 inches or so of water, and are perfect areas for placing a lounge. Clients can keep cool while working on their tans. These ledges are also make for great play areas for smaller children who aren’t ready for deeper water yet. Tanning ledges can be designed into a custom pool, but many pre-formed fiberglass pools can have a tanning ledge incorporated into them, or a ledge can be added as a separate feature nearby if needed.

Heat Pumps: A heat pump is a pool heater which can also provide cooling off pool water. The need for pool heaters in many parts of the country is clear, but having the ability to cool the water can add a great deal of comfort during hot summer days when the pool water might get into the 90s F. Customers find they use their pools less when the water gets too warm, so adding a heat/cool pump can make the pool much more useful.

Cooling mode can be particularly useful for customers who use automatic pool covers, or for pools exposed to direct sun for several hours per day. The covers will trap heat and quickly can make the pool temperature uncomfortable. Consider adding a heat pump to your pool design, and you will get a lot more enjoyment from it regardless of the weather being hot or cold.

Glass Tile: A layer of tile, typically 6-inches in width, is needed on concrete pools to prevent staining of the pool’s surfaces. Fiberglass pools don’t require the tiles, but many customers like the aesthetics of tile and request it anyway. A popular trend is changing the traditional ceramic tiles to glass tiles. Glass tile installation is not difficult; the tiles are installed on sheets which can be cut to the width needed and installed rather quickly. With the wide range of colors available with glass, they will add a dramatic look to any pool.

Fire features: such as a bowl or even outdoor fireplaces are becoming more popular. Careful planning for fire features is needed to account for gas lines and space for the feature itself. Make sure you notify your pool designer early if you plan to use a fire bowl or other features.

These four trends can be incorporated into any pool design, and Long Island Poolscapes will be happy to discuss these or any other ideas you have for your pool. Give us a call today if you are considering adding a pool to your outdoor living space.



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