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Creative Ways To Incorporate A Waterfall Into Patio & Poolside Hardscape!

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If you are renovating your patio or pool, or are looking for a way to update the look of your existing hardscape, you might want to consider adding a waterfall feature. Waterfalls add ambiance, a relaxing water flow sound, and will enhance the look of any patio or pool.


A patio waterfall feature should include some flat bench areas for people to sit, because the waterfall will be a magnet where your friends and family will gather. Pool waterfalls can be a simple stone bench to an elaborate naturalized waterfall feature, depending on the available space, the design of the pool you are trying to match, and your budget. As with a patio waterfall, add plenty of flat wall caps to allow people to sit. People will always be attracted to the ambiance and sound of running water, so plan for plenty of seating.

If you don’t have a pool or patio area, you shouldn’t ignore the idea of having a waterfall. Do you have a natural slope to your back yard? This can be perfect for setting up a waterfall feature. Even flat ground can be useful, since fill and stone can be built up to provide the needed slope for a waterfall. Use natural stone with its varying colors and textures to add a unique and custom look to your waterfall. Water use will be minimized by using a recycling waterfall, where water is pumped from the base pool up to the top of the waterfall.

When looking at pool waterfalls, you can incorporate play areas into them for the kids. Consider adding a slide to the waterfall feature, thus having a great play feature without having to add additional plumbing or using another area of the pool. If you have an existing hot tub or plan to add one, use the space around it to incorporate a recycling waterfall that falls into the hot tub. A proper design will allow people to sit under the waterfall and soak while in the hot tub.

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