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Hardscaping Is Setting New Trends In Outdoor Landscape Design In 2016

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The days of treated wood landscape timbers and a few bags of mulch for outdoor landscaping are over for many owners. Homeowners are looking to bring elements of their indoor life to their outdoor environment. Stone and tile elements, outdoor cooking areas, and multi-level living environments are increasingly important to owners looking for landscaping upgrades.

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There is more to upgrading a hardscape than adding a kitchen. Owners are demanding elaborate seating areas for entertainment, gardens on multiple levels, accent lighting, audio systems, fountains, waterfalls, gazebos or pergolas, and on and on. With so many people spending their working lives indoors in offices, homeowners want to spend their personal time outdoors to create a needed balance.

Hardscaping isn’t just for backyards, and owners want to transform the front yard and create eye appeal seen by the outside world. This is accomplished with interlocking pavers, columns, garden areas, steps, and facades. Stone and hard surfaces like tiles or engineered concrete are favored for durable, weather resistant, and long-lasting designs. Owners are also increasingly conscious of return-on-investment and want to create hardscapes that increase the resale value of their homes.

Another area of growing interest is using hardscaping as an artistic element. Contrasting areas, more intricate designs, and use of larger or smaller tiles or pavers to trick the eye to make larger or smaller areas appear different are all tricks of the trade for creative landscapers. Accents can be accomplished by turning pavers 45 degrees, resulting in areas which appear larger and pleasing to the eye. Borders or banding pavers using contrasts in color or texture are also popular, with the additional advantage of helping to define living areas without having to build walls or gardens. Owners can be limited only by their imaginations in the styles, colors, and shapes that can be used to create outdoor hardscapes. Think about adding circles, fans, or other geometric shapes to your landscape to add visual appeal that will be unique to your home.

Long Island Poolscapes keeps up with hardscaping and landscaping trends, new and improved landscaping materials, and techniques to provide you a professional and breathtaking outdoor environment that will improve your lifestyle and add value to your home. Contact us today for a consultation about your desires for a perfect outdoor landscape.



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