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If you have just finished installing a new pool and patio area, you may see a rather barren landscape out there. The next task is having the right landscaping to complement your new pool area. If you haven’t already, now is the time to contact Long Island Poolscapes. We are experts in pool landscaping and design, and can help you sort out the right and wrong way to landscape and the correct features to include. And, we will do it for a great price!

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Did you end up with a large patio area next to the pool? If you have a huge family, that may be a good thing, but wide open patio areas are not always pleasing to the eye. We can help you choose potted plants to be placed strategically to create areas for different uses. Did you install a new gas grille or even an outdoor kitchen? You might want to place landscaping to separate it from a lounging area. Potted plants are also good for creating transitions from one part of the pool or patio to another.

Planters are more permanent features that are normally built-in, but can be added later to a patio using materials that match the existing patio. If your patio is not built yet, using planters can also be less expensive than installing patio blocks or granite tiles, since you are using part of the patio area for landscaping that will cost less. Planters can also help level unusual grades or parts of the yard that would be expensive to pave due to drainage issues, clearances next to fences or the home, or other issues.

Landscaping can also be a key to privacy. Your home pool may be your quiet oasis, but it won’t be as enjoyable if all the neighbors can oversee your pool and patio. We can recommend and install privacy landscaping that will quickly provide privacy for your pool, and reduce noise from the pool area for your neighbors as well. Landscaping is much more effective in reducing noise than a fence, and should be considered a key part of your pool design.

Homeowners who landscape themselves often make mistakes such as placing rocks or boulders where they add nothing positive to the pool design, and using grass areas inside the pool fence or too close to the pool. Running a lawnmower inside the pool fence while the kids are playing in the pool can be a recipe for an injury. Grass should be kept well away from the pool, and Long Island Poolscapes can show you ways to properly set up landscaping so you have low maintenance without using grass.

There are so many ways to landscape incorrectly, and these mistakes can cost you a lot more over time than if you use a professional landscape contractor like Long Island Poolscapes. Contact us today if you need a pool landscape to be proud of. We can be reached at (631) 698-8873, and we serve the greater Suffolk County area.



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