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Long Island Poolscapes has over 30 years experience in masonry contracting, and that experience comes with our owner Ron Hull Sr. who will oversee every job. Masonry, whether it is concrete, rock, stone, or brick has many advantages over other types of patio and poolscape materials.

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Fireproof — Masonry structures cannot burn since all masonry materials are non-combustible.

Durable and weather resistant — Masonry have withstood the tests of time, with structures still standing which are hundreds of years old. Masonry can withstand rain, wind, and wide variations in temperature.

Masonry is structurally strong — Masonry structures many stories tall have stood for some time. Masonry is one of the strongest structural materials available today, and can easily support more weight than other building materials.

Masonry offers a wide color and texture palette — Masonry poolscapes can be built in an almost endless variety of colors and textures. Combinations of stone, concrete, or brick can provide a poolscape that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

Masonry is quieter than other materials — Masonry absorbs sound rather than reflecting it, thus providing a quieter environment than using wood or other materials. It will also absorb the sounds of running feet and won’t create splinters, making it a good material for pools where children are present.

Masonry is a “green” material — Creating masonry materials uses less energy than other types of building materials and doesn’t require wood from trees which are rapidly disappearing. Masonry also insulates well, providing a good energy balance when heating or cooling is needed.

For all these reasons, Long Island Poolscapes


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