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Start off the New Year right with an Outdoor Pizza Oven!

Wading River Outdoor Brick Oven | Long Island Backyard Renovations

Pizza is a part of history, literally, according to, tracing back to the Romans beginning with the flat bread focaccia, known as panis focaccia. And then, toppings were added which originated in Italy. Since its origination, pizza has become a traditional family go-to dish for entertaining as well as a kid-friendly and often requested dinner option.

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Does your family enjoy a weekly pizza night? Do you change it up sometimes and, instead of ordering out, make your own pizza? Making your own pizza at home is indeed fun, but, nothing compares to the taste of a homemade pizza cooked in a real Pizza Oven. So, how would you like to make your own pizza, from scratch, straight from your kitchen and into your very own pizza oven?

At Long Island Poolscapes, we create more than a poolscape. We transform your backyard based on your vision. We create an oasis unique to you and have been doing so for over 40 years. With this amount of experience, we have come across many variations, styles and color preferences that have each displayed the owners preferred taste and personality in the end.

Imagine, entertaining your family and friends with Friday night pizza and a movie. Impress them with your pizza making skills! With our help, you can!

We build custom outdoor pizza ovens in the style you want. Beginning with size and shape we can customize your outdoor pizza oven down to the material and color including our popular Cambridge Brick. Having your own backyard pizzeria makes for great nights of entertaining and helps keep those family gatherings more regular. Where else are you more comfortable than your own home? Instead of using frozen pizza’s or ordering from the same pizza joint, you could be in charge of what you want and your guests can customize their pizza to their liking as well. The end result will be a taste of Italy, all from your very own backyard!

An outdoor space is an extension of your home. You can transform your backyard into a lovely space you desire, adding value to your home while building cherished memories. From deck to pool, to outdoor pizza oven, you could have it all, including the most popular backyard in the neighborhood.

Looking to add a unique piece to your backyard? Contact us today to see how we can bring a piece of Italy, right into your backyard with our Outdoor Pizza Ovens.



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