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Does an Outdoor Kitchen Add Value to A Home?

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One of the most commonly renovated areas in any home is undoubtedly the kitchen. But, every homeowner deliberates whether or not to add an outdoor kitchen and if it will add value to their home. While some homeowners and real estate agents opine that the addition of an outdoor kitchen might not really pay off when selling the other house unless you are targeting an aspiring chef, others believe that it will be seen as a perk to most prospective buyers. An outdoor kitchen can boost your home’s value in more ways than one.

holbrook outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens Earn Their Money Back

According to statistics and polls, homeowners can bank on catching a return of nearly 80%. Now, that sounds like a decent return does it not? But, what if you have been planning on building an outdoor kitchen? Is it possible to expect the same sort of results?

Most real estate experts opine that building your dream kitchen will fetch you the same returns if not more, which is no less than good news for many homeowners who have always wanted to have an outdoor kitchen.

It Increases the Livable Area in Your Home

Outdoor kitchens help extend your living space by drawing several activities such as cooking, eating and even reading to the outdoors. These spaces are a great way to entertain and socialize. They also add on to the kitchen space without having to spend on extending the kitchen area in a small home. These areas make way for a spot for recreation, family celebrations, and also games.

Outdoor Kitchens Are Top Selling Points

Even if the addition of a modern outdoor kitchen does not take the price of your home considerably higher, most studies show that homes with outdoor kitchens tend to sell faster than those that do not have one. An outdoor kitchen gives your home that little edge against houses that do not have an outdoor cooking space.

Outdoor kitchens can pan out to be a great investment opportunity for your new or existing home. They also provide additional living space and a cozy haven for the family to get together. However, adding an outdoor kitchen is in no way an inexpensive job. Therefore, before you jump onto the ideas, be sure to talk to an expert to help create a plan that fits not just your needs but also your budget. If you want your home to have enhanced resale value or want to add an outdoor kitchen for aesthetic or functional call Long Island Poolscapes now!



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