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Outdoor Pizza Oven for Perfect Summers

Ronkonkoma Outdoor Pizza Ovens | Islip Backyard Repair

An outdoor kitchen during summers can turn your backyard into an amazing and entertaining cooking spot. For the most part, outdoor kitchens and wood fired ovens are a popular trend, and outdoor pizza oven makes cooking outdoors fun and entertaining. These ovens are perfectly designed to meet your outdoor cooking needs.

holbrook outdoor brick oven

Designing the Perfect Pizza Oven

If you desire to have a pizza oven outdoors, one of the first aspects you are sure to think of is its design. There are a number of designs and styles to pick from. It is important to know your exact requirements to get it customized according to your needs. Since the fire burns inside the oven, you should ensure that it is built properly so that it is safe and the food is cooked well.

In order to construct an outdoor pizza oven, you will need firebricks, temperature mortar, insulation, and cooking floor tiles. Pizza ovens can also be designed with concrete or clay. The exterior of the oven can be customized as per your taste. Choosing a theme that matches the other arrangements of your outdoor kitchen will perfectly blend with your backyard and make your kitchen look amazing.

Benefits of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Although outdoor ovens can be an expensive affair for many, the superior quality and looks compensate for initial costs. Listed below are some top benefits of outdoor pizza ovens:

  • Superior Taste: Outdoor wood fired pizza has a superior taste and crisper than the one baked in a regular oven.
  • Cooks Quickly: An outdoor wood fired oven attains a higher temperature than conventional indoor ones. Hence, your pizza can be cooked more quickly and will be ready in almost less than 4 minutes.
  • Retains nutrients: Since outdoor ovens typically use wood or clay, these earthly materials help retain the nutrients more than the conventional artificially heated indoor ovens.
  • Saves Energy: You do not require electricity for outdoor pizza ovens. All you need is fire to heat up the oven.
  • Boosts Food Flavor: Pizzas cooked over wood fired ovens enhance and maintain uniform heat distribution. This enhances the flavor of the food, and your pizza tastes better.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of outdoor pizza ovens, it’s time to contact Long Island Poolscapes. We build custom outdoor pizza ovens as per your requirements. Choose any of the styles based on size, shape, color, and material that makes your selection easier. Call us today, and we can have your oven installed at the earliest. You don’t even have to leave your backyard.



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