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Pave Your Way to More Curb Appeal This Spring

If it is time to sell your home, you might be making a list of upgrades and improvements to get the most value. One part of the home that can easily be ignored is the driveways and sidewalks, but in fact, they are the first thing prospective buyers see and if in poor condition can create a bad impression. Here are some things you can do to improve your driveway and sidewalks to get the best curb appeal for your home.

Pavers from Long Island Poolscapes

Repairs can be difficult for concrete driveways because there is no perfect way to hide the cracks you have repaired. This is where pavers can be a great asset. Long Island Poolscapes will replace your concrete with decorative concrete pavers that are more durable, less likely to crack in the future, and can be color matched to your home. Pavers can also be a great upgrade for asphalt or gravel driveways which need repair or upgrading.

Pavers are a great upgrade because any damaged pavers in the future can be replaced individually. Also, pavers are much more forgiving in freezing and thawing cycles which can quickly lead to cracks in concrete or asphalt. Our customers can also specify darker colors which will warm more quickly in cold weather to help melt snow and ice.

When we install a paver drive or sidewalk we remove the old concrete or other material, then carefully install and compact a substrate which supports the concrete pavers to prevent settling and cracking. This step is very important and many contractors will skimp on it to save a little time and money. You pay in the long term with a driveway which settles or cracks over time. Don’t take shortcuts with your paver driveway install, let Long Island Poolscapes install your driveway and sidewalks carefully and professionally and watch the curb appeal of your home skyrocket! Contact us today at 631-698-8873.

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