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Plan an Outdoor Thanksgiving!

The proper outdoor living area can be a great place to enjoy a Thanksgiving outside. Long Island Poolscapes can help you convert a ho-hum deck or yard into an oasis of comfortable living when having friends and family over for Thanksgiving or other holidays. Here’s some things to consider when planning your outdoor space.

Planning Outdoor Thanksgiving

Outdoor Cooking

Mild temperatures can occur even in late November which gives you the opportunity to move your Thanksgiving cooking outdoors. Why heat up the house when you can do the majority of the work outside? Add a smoker to your outdoor plan to create a great smoked turkey, or use a turkey fryer safely outdoors. This will free up your indoor oven for other foods. You can also use your outdoor grill to make great roasted vegetable side dishes or even as a food warmer.

Enclosing Outdoor Areas

If your outdoor space includes a covered porch or even a pergola, you can create enclosed areas by using heavy vinyl sheeting. This creates a warm and dry space which allows you to move your party outdoors. If you choose to use space heaters, keep them a safe distance from the plastic sheeting and other flammable materials to prevent fires, and keep some gaps in the sheeting to allow carbon monoxide to escape if using propane heaters.

Add a Fire Pit to Your Design

If your Thanksgiving promises to be clear weather but cold, consider a fire pit in your outdoor living design. Think how nice it will be to have family and friends gathered around an outdoor fire in a safe fire pit area with installed seating. Then get some ingredients and let the kids enjoy S’mores!

How Can Long Island Poolscapes Help?

We don’t just design landscaping around pools, we design outdoor living spaces for people who want to move outside for fun and recreation. We can incorporate your design or create a perfect living space for you. Don’t be stuck indoors on Thanksgivings or any other holidays, call Long Island Poolscapes at 631-698-8873 today!

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