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Pool Heater Options: Gas/Propane vs Heat Pump vs Solar Which is Best?

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If you own a swimming pool and are interested in adding a heater, you could enjoy the extended swimming season and comfortable waters that one can provide. But how do you know which type of heater to get? There are three types of pool heaters; solar, electric heat pump and gas. River Pools and Spas created a guide that provides more information about each option, so read on to learn which type of swimming pool heater is the best match for you.

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For those living in southern climates with year-round swimming opportunities, a solar pool heater is an efficient option. Those in northern climates can also enjoy the extended swimming season that a solar pool heater can provide. These types of heaters work by utilizing the sun’s energy to circulate water through a heater that is working with the existing pool pump. “The downs Solar heating requires a system equal to 50%-100% of the pool’s surface,” according to River Pools, and while solar energy is free, the pool pump must be running in order for the heat to properly operate, which can increase your electricity bill.

Electric heat pumps are also forms of solar energy as well. River Pools and Spas states that, “the sun warms the air and that heat is pulled from the air. This warm air is pulled in, enhanced, and transferred into the water.” But in order for this process to properly function, temperatures must be around 55 degrees or higher. Even though solar pumps are “free,” an electric heat pump can actually save you money. You will have to pay about $50 to $100 a month with an electric heat pump, but solar pumps may increase your electric bill to significantly higher numbers (approximately an additional $300 – $950 a year, according to River Pools).

Gas pool heaters use propane or natural gases to heat your pool. These types of heaters act independently from outdoor temperatures. Therefore, gas pool heaters burn fuel within a combustion chamber while your pool water runs through copper coils, returning to your pool warmed up. Gas heaters can run as high as $300 to $500 dollars a month depending on the fuel you choose.

Many lean towards electric heat pumps as the most affordable and convenient way to heat their swimming pool, but all three options can help make your pool as comfortable and functional as possible. Contact LI Poolscapes for all of your Pool Service needs!



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