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Is that pool in your backyard an eyesore that’s beginning to turn green and stagnant? Sure, you installed your pool with good intentions, but perhaps the novelty has worn off and the kids have moved on to other activities. If you’re one of the many homeowners fed up with endlessly maintaining and pumping chemicals into your pool, take heart. We’ve got an alternative to covering your pool year-round or filling it with concrete. Consider converting that pool into a pond – a natural wetland habitat for wildlife and a relaxing backyard retreat for you. We’ve got a few helpful tips for a complete pool-to-pond makeover.

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Plan it out First

Before starting work on your pool transformation, consider the best design for your space. Create a drawing of your ideal pond area and include details such as contours, plants, waterfalls, streams, sandy beaches, filtration systems, rocks, Islip natural stone paving, logs, and pond furniture. Also consider water depth and the safety of small children, pets, and wildlife.

Start at the Bottom

If your pool’s existing liner is concrete, you may decide to use it as your pond’s bottom. To avoid challenges presented by plastic or metal liners, you might want to go with the installation of a flexible synthetic material designed specifically for backyard ponds.

Talk to an Expert

You’ll want to consult with an expert regarding the best filtration system for your converted swimming pool. A local plant nursery or university cooperative extension can provide you with helpful information regarding native plant choices for your particular region. Natural biological filtration systems don’t use harsh chemicals and are beautifully eco-friendly.

Take the Plunge

Once you’ve established the size and shape of your new pond, you’ll want to cover the entire area with packed soil. Cover the soil with your pond liner, then add a layer of river rock for a natural look and a source of filtration. Fill your pond with water to within a few inches of the edge and allow the water to sit for at least 24 hours before adding vegetation. Add planters, rocks, logs, landscaping, and pond furniture to create your very own oasis!

For more tips and help getting started with your pool-to-pond makeover, give us a call or stop in to Long Island Poolscapes today! We are now serving Miller Place, Holbrook, and the surrounding Wading River areas!



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