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Preparing Your Landscaping for the Winter

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Fall, or autumn if you prefer, is the best time to get landscaping ready for the following year. Cleaning up your yard and gardens at the end of the season will prevent plant damage, and it might also be a good time to do a little garden maintenance.

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Cleaning Up

Remove thatch in your yard with a rake or thatch comb to help revitalize your grass in the spring. Annuals that have died should be removed, and you can carefully trim perennials as needed to prevent winter damage. Roses should be trimmed back so they won’t break in the ice and snow to come.

Leaving Something Behind

Bare garden soil is not a good idea, particularly in areas where the ground freezes hard. Add up to one foot of mulch to protect the remaining plants and bushes, and pay attention to plants that have exposed roots, or areas subject to higher winds that can cause freeze damage. Also, think about feeding birds during the winter by leaving seed pods or other food sources behind for the winter. Having a few plants will offer a visual appeal to an otherwise barren garden, so don’t be too hasty in cutting down everything at the end of the season.

Time to Feed

Talk to your garden store, but there are some plant and yard foods that are excellent to add to the soil in the fall, before a freeze occurs. If your soil needs pH balance due to high acidity, this can also be an excellent time to add lime per the recommendations on the bag.

Move Things Around

Perhaps you have a bush that just doesn’t work where it is, or perennials that are getting crowded. Once you have raked your garden to remove debris, this can be a perfect time to look at the overall appearance, and separate some perennials to give them room or move a plant somewhere else. It’s often easier to see the space you have once the plants have stopped growing for the season, so take advantage of the autumn to re-organize.

A little bit of effort in the autumn season for your yard and garden will pay great dividends the following year, and you will be able to enjoy a healthy and vibrant landscape year after year. If you have questions about landscaping, or are looking for professional help in getting it right, consider Long Island Poolscapes in Ronkonkoma. Call us today for Long Island Pool Services, masonry, brick repair and much more at (631) 698-8873 for a consultation.



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