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Protect Your Lawn This Winter!

Winter is rough on landscaping. Snow, ice, and frost can damage your lawn. Protect your lawn, save some money, and save some time in the spring by following these tips!

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The first step to take to protect your lawn is raking the last of the leaves in your yard before the temperatures drop. During the fall, it can feel like you’re raking leaves every day. However, it’s important to keep leaves off of your grass to allow your lawn to absorb sunlight and oxygen.

The second step you can take to protect your lawn is turning raked leaves into mulch. Run your lawnmower over the leaves, pile these leaves around trees and shrubs, and protect your landscaping when the temperature drops.

Next step in protecting your lawn this winter is aerating. Aerating is poking holes in the soil of your lawn, allowing for the soil to absorb water and sunlight and nurture your grass.

Of course, watering and fertilizing your lawn is an excellent way to keep it healthy and thriving. Before winter, be sure your lawn is fertilized and watered so that it is prepared for the cold months ahead. Additionally, before the first frost of the year, mow your lawn every 10 to 14 days. This will prepare your lawn for the winter months and help it thrive, without growing too long.

Giving your grass the opportunity to relax can actually help it thrive. During the winter months, relax your grass by letting it be. Avoid walking on your lawn during the winter to offer some relief.

At Long Island Poolscapes, we are experts when it comes to yards. Once the weather warms up, we can help you transform your yard into a relaxing and soothing oasis. Start planning your poolscape today by calling us for a consultation at 631-698-8873!

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