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Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Concrete Patio!

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Let’s face it, concrete can be pretty drab, and your concrete patio may need a facelift. Concrete is a good building material, and for patios can be a good choice for durability and weather resistance. Whether you have an existing patio or are planning a new one with concrete, there are several things you can do to add some spice to your concrete.

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If you have an existing concrete patio, you can still create a better look with a few choices:

  • Paint it. Concrete paint has come a long way from the old days and can last for years if properly applied. There are some preparatory steps needed, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions to create a whole new patio look. Paint is probably your best choice if your patio has permanent stains you wish to cover. One advantage of paint is you can use textures and painting tape to get an almost endless variety of designs depending on how much effort you want to put into it.
  • Another option is a concrete stain. Stains are partially transparent so the concrete should be free of stains or other damage. Once again, follow the instructions for prepping the concrete to get a good result.
  • You can also add decking materials over the existing concrete. There is a wide range of composite decking material available to cover concrete. It is moisture and insect resistant, and many products are either tongue and groove or interlocking to make installation easier. This is a more expensive option but will give you a whole new look to the patio.

If you are ready to put down a new concrete patio, don’t think you have to be stuck with plain concrete. Here are some options:

  • Colors and additives are becoming popular for concrete. Check with your supplier as they may be able to custom color your concrete or add things such as smooth stones, glass chips, or other materials to give you a custom look.
  • A good option for a different look is to have the concrete stamped after it is installed. As the concrete sets, stamping blocks or rubber mats are placed on top and pressed into the concrete surface to create a look of brick, stone, or tile. Often color can be applied at the same time to create a different palate. You will pay for the extra labor, but the result is a permanent concrete patio with the look of a hand-laid brick or stone.
  • You can add your own custom materials, such as marbles, bottle caps, or other materials that won’t leave sharp edges.
  • Finally, you do have the option to stain or paint the new concrete once it has cured.

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