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Thinking About a New Pavement in 2016?

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Looking for great way to improve your home and increase its overall value? You might want to consider installing a new pavement. While a new pavement represents a sizeable investment for many homeowners, it is also provides one of the largest overall returns on investment of any home improvement project. When it comes to pavement options, nothing makes a statement quite like high-quality concrete pavers. Stronger and more durable than poured concrete and other materials, concrete pavers are an excellent pavement choice for a wide variety of homes and design aesthetics. If you’re thinking about a new pavement for your home this year, take a look at some of the many reasons why choosing concrete pavers just makes sense.

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Less Expense: According to the National Association of Home Builders, both the initial costs and life cycle costs of interlocking concrete pavers prove significantly less than those of asphalt, poured concrete, stenciled concrete, and brick and natural stone.

Strength and Durability: Due to their low moisture absorption rate, concrete pavers are highly resistant to cracking, spalling, and damage resulting from frost, road salts, and snow plows.

Easy Installation: Interlocking concrete pavers do not require mortar, sealants, and other time-consuming treatments, making them a simple and efficient pavement material.

“Earth-Friendly” Sustainability: Unlike other pavement options, concrete pavers are constructed from a variety of natural and green materials. Concrete pavers are also highly permeable, designed for rapid elimination of storm drainage.

Visual Appeal: Concrete pavers just look good. A beautiful addition to any design aesthetic, interlocking concrete pavers are preferred by a majority of polled homeowners due to the limitless color, pattern, and texture possibilities available.

Thinking about a new pavement in 2016? You’re in good hands with Long Island Poolscapes! Family owned and operated, Long Island Poolscapes has been designing and building quality pavers and masonry, poolscapes, and landscaping for over 40 years. When you want custom, high-quality pavement work that you can trust, look no further than Long Island Poolscapes. With an owner present from start to finish on each and every project, you can rest assured you’re getting the service you expect and deserve. Don’t risk your home to just anyone. Let our skilled and knowledgeable team at Long Island Poolscapes get you well on your way to your dream pavement! For more information regarding concrete pavers and other pavement materials, visit Long Island Poolscapes or log on to today!



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