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Port Jefferson Driveway Pavers | Ronkonkoma Masonry

Have you worked hard to upgrade your home with new paint, landscaping, and nice design features, only to see an old cracked or damaged driveway? Now is the time to consider upgrading your driveway with a quality paver system from Long Island Poolscapes. Here’s why you should consider pavers before replacing an asphalt or concrete driveway.

port jefferson driveway pavers

Although repairing a concrete driveway may be possible, the repairs will be visible. Asphalt too will show repairs unless you totally re-pave the drive. A paver system is easily repaired in the future because individual pavers can be removed and replaced as needed.

Pavers are extremely durable and can last for decades. Winter conditions are not a barrier to using pavers; the manufacturers use different materials to withstand the extremes of temperature from summer to winter.

A properly prepared base for pavers will allow the finished paver drive to move as needed for expansion and contraction. Depending on your climate, expansion/contraction cycles can destroy concrete and asphalt driveways.

A finished paver driveway will have great curb appeal, enhance the look of your home, reduce future maintenance, and add to the resale value.

The secret to getting a good paver driveway is to use a professional service like Long Island Poolscapes. Our crews are carefully trained and experienced in all aspects of installing a quality paver driveway. Driveway pavers use the same installation techniques as pool surrounds, so we can give you a professionally installed paver driveway that will last well into the future.

Long Island Poolscapes has been family run for over 40 years in the Long Island area. Our goal is to offer you excellent customer service and quality installations of pool surround, architectural landscaping, water features, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and driveway paver systems. Call us today for a consultation, and see why Long Island Poolscapes is the favorite company for pavers and landscape services!



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