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Warm Up This Winter with an Outdoor Fireplace!

No matter your particular situation, winter is coming. The traditional response to the cold months is to retreat indoors and wait it out, but that option prevents you from enjoying your outdoor space for a quarter of the year or more. For those that have invested heavily in a backyard refuge, that can feel rather limiting.

Outdoor Fire Pit from Long Island Poolscapes

The good news is that the cold can be beaten back with the help of an outdoor fireplace. Not only does it provide steady and reliable heat, even on the coldest of days, it also has an undeniable universal appeal that makes it great for gatherings. Not to mention, outdoor gas fireplaces can potentially add up to $10,000 to the value of a home, providing an investment value that goes above and beyond simple enjoyment.

Deciding on where to place an outdoor fireplace requires some planning. Location is key and determining the ideal spot depends largely on the size and scope of your outdoor arrangement. Situating a fireplace close to the house makes sense if your backyard area is small, allowing you to shuffle easily between it and the indoors. However, larger layouts could benefit from a centralized fireplace that creates a self-sufficient island in your backyard. Understanding placement is an important factor in determining fuel source, as natural gas-powered fireplaces must be closer to the home but wood-burning or propane-powered fireplaces provide greater freedom towards placement.

Regardless of the specifics, a solution can be found that meets your unique situation and a fireplace is a surefire way to guarantee warm memories of cold times.

If you are interested in learning more about outdoor fireplace options, we encourage you to contact us at 631-698-8873. Long Island Poolscapes has been a family-run operation for over 40 years and we would love to share our knowledge and expertise with you!

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