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Water Features- Accessorize Your Outdoor Space With Tranquility and Peace

Ronkonkoma Water Features | Manorville Poolscape

Water features are always a welcome addition to any outdoor living space. They not only add property value but also create a zone of peace and tranquility. In some climates, they can also reduce heat by cooling the area around the water feature by evaporation. Let’s look at various water features you can add to existing areas or include in a planned patio or poolscape project.

ronkonkoma water features

Ponds — A pond not only is a visually pleasing addition, it also acts as an ecosystem and refuge for small animals and fish. An established pond can require little ongoing maintenance when setting up with fish and plant life that will add oxygen and filter the water. Ponds can be almost any size to accommodate existing areas in your landscape.

Streams — Adding a small stream to your landscape adds a feature attractive to the eyes and ears. Streams often include small rapids or waterfalls to add a pleasant audio sound, and even flat areas can have a stream by building up the stream with dirt and rocks. Water use is minimal by incorporating a recycle pump in the small pond at the base of the stream to return water to the top of the stream.

Waterfalls — A larger waterfall can stand alone or be part of a stream. It can also be added to an existing pool to recycle water from the pool and back again. Waterfalls add a relaxing sound to any living area.

Fountains — Adding a fountain, large or small, is always a pleasant addition to your outdoor spaces. Fountains can be added to existing pools or water features or can be a standalone feature. Fountains come in all sizes as pre-manufactured elements or can be the product of your imagination and custom-built to suit.

If your backyard living area or pool lacks the pleasant sounds and visual appeal of a water feature, contact Long Island Poolscapes. We have expertise in bringing your ideas to life or can suggest ideas to add the relaxation and peace of a water feature to your home.



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