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Why Pavers For Poolscapes?

Wading River Natural Stone Pavers | Manorville Poolscape

When designing a pool deck for a new pool or a renovation, there are many possibilities for the materials you can use — wood, poured cement, brick, tile, or pavers. So why should you consider pavers above other choices? There are several good reasons:

wading river natural stone paving

Durability — One key consideration is how durable the finished poolscape will be when choosing materials. Wood will age, fade, and potentially splinter. Poured concrete will crack and crumble particularly if used in areas where freeze/thaw cycles occur. Brick can shift and crack. Natural stone may also shift and splinter in some climates. Pavers are very durable and many products carry a lifetime warranty against cracks or splinters. Pavers are also resistant to weather, wear from foot traffic, salt, and pool chemicals. If a paver gets damaged it is easy to replace.

Safety considerations — Tile and natural stone can become very slippery when wet, creating a fall hazard around the pool. Wood splinters can cause injuries. Pavers are designed with a non-slip surface, making them very safe around pools.

Flexibility in design — This is a design consideration when using pavers because you are only limited by your imagination when using pavers. Contrasting colors, accent borders, special inlaid designs or other features are all possible when using pavers for your poolscape. It is also easy to make a poolscape look consistent with garden walls or existing features. It is easy to incorporate pavers into steps or retaining walls or to blend them seamlessly into patio areas or outdoor kitchens.

Renovation versus replacement — One cost saving technique is using thinner pavers to cover existing concrete pool decks. This will save significant dollars versus tearing out the old concrete decks and replacing with full pavers. Long Island Poolscapes can inspect your existing decks and advise if a paver renovation is possible.

When looking to add a poolscape or modify an existing hardscape, look to the experts at Long Island Poolscapes to give you a cost-effective and professional installation. We have experience in a wide range of paver systems to make your pool the envy of the neighborhood.



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