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Winterize Your Outdoor Living Space

Winter is coming and there is no avoiding the snow, ice, and slush of the season. If you have an outdoor living space, you want to winterize this area to prevent damage. To learn how to winterize your outdoor living space, just continue reading this blog post.

Fire Pit from Long Island Poolscapes

The first thing to prepare for is dramatic changes in temperature. As winter approaches, the temperature can drop to below freezing overnight. Protect your fireplaces, fire pits, and brick ovens from the freezing and thawing process by closing any doors, covering the units, and removing snow or ice if it accumulates.

Individuals with an outdoor kitchen must protect this area as winter approaches. In order to prevent damage, shut off the water supply to your outdoor kitchen sink, ice maker, and refrigerator. You should also keep these drain valves open. If you have outdoor appliances, turn off the power supply and clean out everything. Remove residual moisture to avoid mold and freezing.

If you want to salt your outdoor living space to avoid the build-up of ice, be sure to mix salts with sand and don’t over salt. Create a healthy balance so you don’t damage any hardscapes. Salt should not be used for snow removal, just the removal of ice. If you want to remove snow, it is best to use a shovel manually. Before salting an area for a second time, be sure to remove the salt from the first time. A buildup of salt can be difficult to remove and damage your outdoor living space.

When it comes to outdoor living spaces, we here at Long Island Poolscapes are experts. Learn more about our services and check out examples of our work by visiting our website. You can also call us for a consultation at 631-698-8873!

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