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If you want an enigmatic addition to your next landscaping project or just looking for a Long Island Backyard Renovation that is sure to be noticed, consider adding a Koi pond. At Long Island Poolscapes, we are experts in Koi pond installation and maintenance, and we are well familiar with some of the common pitfalls that you may experience. Installing a Koi pond can be a much more complicated matter than you might imagine, so in this article we’re going to walk you through some of the fundamentals.

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Koi are beautiful creatures with a fairly specific set of needs. In order to keep your fish healthy, it is important to abide by a certain set of standards. The foundation of a properly installed Koi pond comes in three standards for design, and three standards for function.


• Minimum of 3 feet of depth

• 25 square feet of pond for each individual Koi

• 1,000 gallons of water minimum.


• Settle and remove solid waste from the pond using bottom drains, pond skimmers, and possibly mid-water drains

• Filter or nitrify your water and return it to the pond with a fountain, waterfall, or return circulation jets

• Aerate your water with the above mentioned circulation methods or specialized equipment to keep an appropriate amount of oxygen in the water.

These standards may seem arbitrary at first, but they are vital to the survival of your Koi. But this is just the fundamental basics – there are many other factors worth considering.

Koi require shade for optimum health. Consider introducing water plants to your ecosystem. These will attract bugs for the koi to eat, add oxygen to the water, provide shade, and some can even be eaten by the Koi. Filtration for your water can be mechanical, biological or both. It is important to keep a careful eye on your pond’s PH levels and temperature, to keep your Koi in optimum health. Consult with Long Island Poolscapes to determine which option is best for you.



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