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5 Easy Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

LI Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips | Long Island Hardscape Services

With over 40-years of experience, our family knows pools. We know that when you are using your pool most in those summer months, keeping it clean is on your mind more often than the rest of the year. We also know that your pool is a key focal point in your backyard and may even be the center of all your backyard activities.

Top Reasons to Heat Your Swimming Pool This Winter!

Long Island Pool Services | Smithtown Masonry

There are few pleasures in life more wonderful than a luxurious swim in your pool on a beautiful summer day. Backyard picnics, barbeques, and family get-togethers: your swimming pool is at the center of it all. Let’s face it – you love your pool. But when the days grow shorter and the air becomes brisk, do you really have to pack up your bathing suit and head for warmer climates? Absolutely not! There are a great many reasons to extend your swimming season and heat your pool this winter. We’ll give you the lowdown on why.

Poolscaping: Ideas For Making Your Pool Area Stand Out!

Long Island Poolscapes | Smithtown Pool Service

A backyard is a safe haven. A place you go to relax, unwind, and be with friends and family. Adding a uniquely designed pool area to your backyard can change the entire look and experience of your home. No longer do you have to settle for a rectangular cement pool. There are many ways you can make your pool area stand out and become a place you love.

Tips and Plans for Building an Outdoor Wood Burning Oven

LI Brick Oven | Suffolk County Outdoor Kitchen

A custom built outdoor kitchen adds value and enjoyment to a home. Instead of cooking inside on a beautiful day, you can cook in your outdoor kitchen and enjoy a cold beverage with your friends or family on the patio. Hosting parties is easier with an outdoor kitchen, especially if you are making a lot of food.

Is it Time for a Backyard Makeover?

LI Backyard Repair | Ronkonkoma Landscaping

Imagine that your backyard is your personal oasis: a place to relax and be refreshed, a place to entertain friends and family. After work, you can take a dip in your beautiful pool, or make a pizza in your outdoor pizza oven. This doesn’t have to be a fantasy. All of this is within your reach with a backyard makeover by Long Island Poolscapes!

Protect your Pool this Season with our Custom Loop Loc Covers!

LI Loop Loc Covers | Long Island Pool Services

Owning a pool is on the wish list of many home buyers when they set out to purchase a home. A pool can be the center piece of your private oasis right in your very own backyard. However, with your tranquil oasis comes along a responsibility to maintain your pool so it is kept in the best condition possible. Especially, when the changing of seasons factor into the up-keep. Protecting that pool in your backyard oasis is as important as the maintenance and up-keep of your home.

Check out our 3D Rendering – Before and After Images

LI Pool Service | Ronkonkoma Masonry

Perhaps you have an empty back yard, or a bland pool, and you have been looking for ways to create a real living or party space. You stare out at the yard, but you are unable to visualize what a new patio or deck might look like. At Long Island Poolscapes, we have a way to solve your problem, with 3D Rendering of your project. Want an outdoor kitchen, but you aren’t sure if you have the space? Trying to figure out if you can add a kids play area near your existing pool? Rendering can show a variety of options from different perspectives, using your actual yard dimensions.

Pool Design: Coordinating the Pool, Home and Landscape

LI Poolscapes | Ronkonkoma Landscaping

When creating the perfect outdoor oasis, it,’s important to make sure all the elements balance and compliment each other. You have to take the site, your lifestyle, and the features you want to incorporate to create a backyard that is in perfect harmony with its environment and design elements. Long Island Poolscapes will help you achieve coordination between your pool, home and landscape. We have over 40 years of experience in designing the ideal outdoor experience.

See all of the services Long Island Poolscapes offers!

LI Pool Services | Long Island Outdoor Kitchen

Established in 1974, we are a family run business with over 40 years of experience in custom Poolscapes in the Long Island area. We work with any budget and provide quality work with a stress-free experience start to finish. During those hot summers, we can help you create your backyard oasis to cool you down.



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